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To the market demand of engineering plastics
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  As the application market continuously put forward new requirements for the materials, the future of engineering materials in high modulus, high strength, high security, special appearance can have a further development.

  In 2012, household appliances, electronic electric appliance, automobile, communications and other industries have emerged a new development trend, puts forward new requirements on material accordingly, engineering plastics in both appearance and performance of a new development, such as in the field of traditional television, to meet the requirements of design and use new television, glass reinforced plastics engineering began to applied to the shell of the television, has a high modulus glass reinforced engineering plastics are also used in notebook shell, is molded case notebook to light and further development.

  Blonde technology: relying on the powerful technology to provide clients with tailored material solution

  2012 blonde technology keep up with market demand, and actively develop new products to meet customer demand, in tough economic circumstances seize market opportunities, based on the strong technology development and market development ability, seize the development opportunity, engineering plastics have made substantial progress.

  In accurate market positioning, and based on the analysis of the industry, the blonde technology relying on powerful technology and development strength, according to customer's specific requirements, launched in 2012, a series of new products:

  Successfully launched 2012 blonde high-temperature nylon series products, the product has high heat resistance, high liquidity, etc, and 50% of its raw materials from the non-oil products, belong to the environmentally friendly high-performance materials, the material can meet the electrical and electronic, lighting in areas such as strict requirements, to provide customers with a competitive advantage.

  2012 blonde technology introduced to TV shell with high gloss flame retardant glass reinforced polycarbonate material, may simultaneously meet the requirements of the new TV set on the appearance and performance, to the structure design of the television provides a great deal of freedom.

  Blonde technology has been in a leading position in the field of high-end cooling fan, launched in 2012, the modification of nylon material has a very high dimensional stability and liquidity, can make the fan at a higher speed of lower noise, better stability and meet the high-end notebook cooling fan, etc. Put forward strict requirements for the materials, has been widely used in high-end market cooling fan.

  Blonde technology development of high strength, high modulus, reinforced nylon material in many fields successfully used to replace steel and other metal parts.With such materials and metal as high or higher than strength, excellent long-term retention performance and successfully meet the car, home appliance in areas such as weight loss and reduce the cost.

    Kumho Japan Korea: power category focus on innovative products

  Kumho Japan Korea 2012 insist on will determine the strategy "focusing" category, specific to the product category, in the field of ABS and PC/ABS do best, shows its strong competitiveness.In the face of car comfortable, lightweight and the development direction of green environmental protection, the company has been sticking to the cooperation with the auto makers research development and innovation, introduced a low odor, with plastic instead of steel, avoid spraying innovative solutions, continuous realizes the auto balance of high quality and low cost, expand the market share of products.

  2012, kumho Japan Korea committed to the innovation of products and technology, launched many innovative products, general plastic to achieve good appearance by spraying, electroplating, water transfer printing and other secondary processing, but whatever the surface finish is not environmental protection, kumho Japan Korea according to market demand, introduced the innovative product model can be beautiful, the product is in one mould molding can achieve good appearance good resin, plastic can be launched after the well received, is now mass production.

  Because of the high temperature will inevitably encounter in the process of car use, will send out a small molecule organic matter, lead to air pollution, serious harmful to human body, kumho Japan Korea launched against the market demand for application in the automobile industry products of low VOC plastic net, currently on the market after evaluation, kumho Japan Korea product is to be the best in terms of low VOC, although the relevant industry standards have also been introduced, but there are still some enterprises cannot reach live just to pass the exam, and Japan Korea jin lake is far walk in front of the most, more than the standard of the industry.