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Cutting-edge materials assistance " Shenzhou X" fly
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  To make the "ten god" well adapt to environment temperature difference between the larger YanHai chemical company in tianjin provides called "914" room temperature quick epoxy adhesive.Compared with the ordinary glue, is the biggest characteristic of this kind of adhesive at room temperature can fast curing, has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, low temperature, high toughness.By the development of multilayer structure of the Shanghai institute of port material is shenzhou spacecraft to understand "eyes" of the outside world.And in order to avoid port glass by high energy particles in space "flowers", portholes surface coated with pollution prevention coating, to ensure the "eyes" is always bright.Sinopec tianjin branch for lubricating oil "ten god" provides some harmonic reducer high and low temperature grease.They have been successfully applied to the shenzhou series of manned spacecraft re-entry module and propelling module and module of the automatic control system for oxygen control valves, shutter lifting system of harmonic gear reducer, solar power and automatic control system of collector."Ten god" astronaut's seat cushion designed by tianjin university center for rapid prototyping, the seat cushion of buffer shock absorption design can effectively reduce the acceleration and make the astronaut body tolerance range, to ensure the safety of the astronaut body.More astronauts set helmet surface window materials provided by the national engineering research center of zhengzhou university, rubber and plastic mold, the extravehicular helmet Windows need to radiation resistance, uv resistance, impact resistance and other strict requirements, and can handle up to 300 ℃ temperature difference, hold helmets Windows need is comfort and pervious to light.The astronauts wear gloves is made by tianjin rubber industry research institute hands hold palm refers to the pressure of gloves.

  On 13 June 13 at 18 points, 10 spacecraft shenzhou and tiangong 1 target spacecraft rendezvous and docking success.Combination during the flight, the astronauts will conduct space medical experiments, technology test and teaching activities in space.Applied to fly back and forth on the first manned heaven and earth, materials science and technology still bear the ears.The propellant is the power source of the rocket.Jiangxi will spark new material co., LTD. Production of propellant, "" god send out of the atmosphere, henan dawn chemical research production of rocket propellant with a steady stream of power, developed by dalian compound hydrazine decomposition catalysts also play an important role in the process of flying.Rocket shell and atmospheric friction will amount to thousands of degrees Celsius temperature, ensure that the rockets can bear high temperature and normal flight is a special kind of paint - burning heat resistant coatings.As China aerospace enterprises designated paint coating matching, tianjin beacon coating co., LTD. Offers "ten god" this special coating."Ten god" skeleton materials was developed by tianjin university of technology, special textile reinforced composites, with light mass, high strength, erosion resistance of good performance, reduce the component quality.Heat resistance, radiation resistance, adjust temperature of multi-function spacecraft "organic coat" is the development of the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of organic chemistry.This silver spaceship "cloth", is made from macromolecular agent of uf resin and inorganic filler, ensure the safety of hull and astronauts.