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Group invest million to build culture square
Time :03-17-2015   Click:0

  Theatrical performances, dance, fitness, shopping...Since summer, whenever after nightfall, xicheng district dawn jollification south lake park of the new culture square. "Dawn group set up such a good culture square using free to the public and special thanks to our heart." In the entertainment of xicheng district citizens all have the same feeling.

  With the continuous improvement of living standards, at the same time of people good eat and drink, the desire for the rich cultural life is increasingly strong. For some citizens in xicheng district, can have a beautiful environment, complete facilities, culture breath strong modern plaza, is their common desire. Dawn group in return for society as our duty to citizens, from April this year, investment of nearly ten thousand yuan, in dawn north of Lake City lots built a collection of leisure, entertainment, fitness, shopping in one of the "cultural square". Within three months, then all hardened ground laid floor tile, and installed on the bench, street lamp, shoot the light, sound and complete facilities.The square covers an area of nearly square meters, now has to complete before the summer, and put into use.

  Dawn of the cultural square is built, not only for the surrounding residents to provide a good place for leisure and entertainment, also promotes the development of the surrounding small businesses and citizens in xicheng district rich cultural entertainment life at the same time, also brought convenience for their cost of living.