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Dawn Polymer developed high gloss paint free tractor ceiling material
Time :03-17-2015   Click:0

  Recently, Dawn Polymer developed high gloss free paint in tractor ceiling material with mass production, and got praise by our clients.

  Traditional tractor ceiling material for glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the molding cycle for 30 minutes to several hours, constrained production efficiency, and this kind of product need to spray paint processing, piece cost is higher, Dawn Polymer seize the tractor ceiling material on the market, graduate made of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials into the trend of the modified PP material. Developed the high gloss free paint tractor ceiling material.

  The product not only has high liquidity, high gloss paint free, and take advantages of high toughness, and shorten the molding cycle to 3 minutes, greatly improving the production efficiency, meet the city to the requirements of the tractor ceiling, at present, the product has in many agricultural machinery, such as Fukuda has been widely used.