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Business Target:
Modernization , Technicalization ,Internationalization.
Business Theory:
Developing business, Happiness stuff, Return public.
Business Motto:
Attitude is everything, Details leads to success.
Developing Guideline:
People fist, science and technology support.
Management Philosophy:
Culture edification, institutional restriction.
Business Spirit:
Unite, efficiency, diligent, creative, loyalty, be thankful.
Business Belief:
Labor create civilization, diligence casting success.
Operation Principle:
Well decorate dawn industry park ,Well developing exclusively-invested company, Well united JV company.
Guiding Ideology:
Hand by hand, shoulder by shoulder.
Other Ideas And Mottos:
Customers are partners to create a win-win cooperation.
Outstanding historical inheritance, innovation achievements of the future.
Love Dawn,self-motivation.
Hard work no complain, sureness working no trouble , active working no cold.
Well do everything, every day a clear conscience.
Everyone has something to do, everything has someone in charge.
Honorable with factory success, shame with factory failure.
Happy work, enjoy life.
Love Job, Love factory as home, creative with thankful, follow the rules.
Companies rely on employee development, employee on firm growth.
One hand with one heart, study to learn growth each other.
Realize the value of life, as to contribute to society.
Love our Dawn, Love our job, Love our career, care of our people, care of our health.