Dawn Polymer always adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, attaches great importance to human resources training and development, will build the learning organization as an important strategic goal of team building.

Induction Training

Dawn Polymer induction training program including: Introduction training ,Pre-job training.

Introduction training: In order to make the new employees know the development of the company, the rules and regulations, welfare policy, etc., and into the company's enterprise culture atmosphere, enhance the sense of security, confidence and sense of belonging, the company hired internal and external trainers, and combined with each new employee's qualifications, qualifications, experience and so on carries on the career planning.

Pre-job training: Post professional knowledge in order to make the new staff and work process, to adapt to the new job as soon as possible, the status of the company, according to the specific condition of every new employee, formulate scientific and reasonable individual pre-service training plan, and is responsible for the comprehensive guidance, tracking and service, meet people post match, duty after training.

In-job Training

The external and internal training. Company in order to meet the requirements of sustainable development and personal growth, and constantly improve the level of professional staff, skills and management ability, annually according to the needs of the post responsibility, the assessment results and develop direction, looking for staff and post requirement gap, targeted internal and external training plan, and organize their implementation. With training the backbone of the potential, the company takes across departments, job enrichment, job rotation, and other key way to cultivate, make individual all-round development, and cultivate good talent for the enterprise. In order to strengthen enterprise cohesion, selecting talents, the company also often organize reading activities; expand training, speech contest and other activities.

Training Effect Evaluation

After the training, training organization departments and units of curriculum, training organization, training form, lecturer at the level of assessment, to pass the exam, field operation to evaluate the degree of trained workers to accept, evaluation, and personnel training results and personnel appointment, promotion, rewards and punishments, salary and welfare etc., the combination of let the trainee get to encourage and spur.