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Train Comprehensive Modernization And High-Level Management Talent

Dawn Polymer is healthy and rapid growth in the fierce market competition, its visibility and reputation has been seen in the field. At present, train comprehensive modernization, high-level managers is the company target for the internationalization development, realize the sustained growth of the priority, this is also the company long-term talented person resources development goals.

Provide Talents With Broad Stage

Dawn Polymer each employee has a stage to show themselves. Any vacant seat is after open recruitment, exams, and selecting the best employees to the right position. In its place, for its new obligations, as long as you work in ordinary jobs with good result; you are the outstanding employees in the company.

Provide Training Opportunities For Talents

Establishing a learning enterprise is the company's long-term development goals. Company has a staff training center, reading room, library, provide training opportunities, in Dawn Polymer, you have more opportunities to improve your own.

Good Values For Talent

What you will feel more in Dawn Polymer is the loyalty ,unity, ownership and powerful enterprise cohesion, other particular culture laid a solid foundation for the development of talent.


Train comprehensive modernization and high-level management talent

Provide training opportunities
for talents

Provide talents with broad stage

Good values for talent